SuperGold card

The SuperGold Card, also called the ‘gold card’, is a card for people over the age of 65 in New Zealand. It is organised through the Ministry of Social Development as a ‘thank you’ to older New Zealanders for the contribution they have made to the country over their lifetime.

What does it offer?

The card offers discounts and specials when it is presented at stores or service providers. You can get savings on essential services such as electricity, insurance, healthcare, and food, as well as getting discounts on entertainment, travel, and general retail. Many places also offer free off-peak public transport to card holders.

How do you get it?

The SuperGold Card is free to get and will be automatically issued to you when you receive Superannuation, Veteran’s Pension, or another benefit after the age of 65. You must be a resident of New Zealand or have lived in New Zealand for at least ten years since the age of 20 and plan on staying here to receive a SuperGold Card. If you have not received your SuperGold Card and you are eligible, you can apply for one here.

When does it expire?

As of 2010, the SuperGold Card does not have an expiry date on it. If you have an older card that does have an expiry date on it, you can contact SuperGold and they will replace it for you. If you have a combined Community Services Card and SuperGold Card, it will have an expiration date on it because your entitlement to a Community Services Card may change.

Can you use it as an ID card?

If you would like to add an ID photo to your SuperGold Card, you can do so by visiting an AA Centre or a Vehicle Licensing agent. You will need to bring your SuperGold Card and three documents to prove identity. This can be done free of charge at AA Centres. This card may work as a form of photo ID for when you may no longer have a current driver’s licence or passport, but must be used in conjunction with your birth certificate as there is no date of birth on the card.

The SuperGold App

The free SuperGold App is an easy way to find current discounts and offers near you. It can be downloaded to Android and Apple devices, and there are step-by-step instructions on how to download and use the app here.
You can find out more information about the SuperGold Card, the SuperGold App, and the current discounts available on the SuperGold website.