Code of Insured Persons' Rights

Age Concern New Zealand supports the development of a Code of Insured Persons’ Rights to outline the standard of service insured people can expect from Toka Tū Ake EQC. The management and settlement of claims after a natural hazard event, such as an earthquake or landslide, is important to any insured homeowner. There is also potential for an insured person to face the distressing impact of multiple natural hazard events. This is challenging for anyone, especially for many older New Zealanders and people with disabilities. 

Older New Zealanders are a diverse, resilient and valued part of every community. Some of the older adults in our communities will need greater support and help when making an insurance claim after a natural hazard event. Older people are not all the same, any more than any other population group. However, older people that are frail, have a disability or live alone may require extra support throughout the process. Older adults may not use digital technology as regularly as others, or at all, which is a disadvantage at a time where much information and many forms that need completing are online. We urge those developing the Code and Insurers working with older homeowners ensure ageism does not impact on their interactions with older people.

The issue we see is more with how effective implementation of the Code will be measured or assessed. The intent is laudable and pleasing to see, but implementation comes down to multiple home insurance providers interacting with a wide range of people, who will likely be under considerable stress at the time. Training and a monitoring framework of some form will be needed to ensure the Code lives up to its aim and intent.
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