Accessible Streets Regulatory Package

Age Concern New Zealand supports government initiatives to improve the safety and accessibility of footpaths, shared pathways, cycle lanes, cycle paths and public transport.

Exciting new modes of transport have been introduced for people to enjoy. New Zealanders are increasingly embracing e-scooters, rental bikes, and e-bikes, along with the more traditional pursuits of walking and jogging. Kiwis are motivated to lessen traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and live sustainably. They also want to have fun.

Footpaths, shared pathways, cycle lanes and public transport also have a very practical purpose. We use them to get to work and school, do our shopping, visit family and friends, and get to appointments.

The safety of pedestrians of all ages on footpaths is essential. Footpaths are where pedestrians have typically felt safe from other road users. The introduction of new devices over the past two years, with little or no regulation, has changed that feeling of safety for pedestrians and e-scooter users alike.

Age Concern New Zealand is supportive of e-scooters and other new ways of getting around. They create options and bring vibrancy and fun to our built environments. They should not, however, impinge on the safety of others.