Emeritus Professor Peter Oettli

National President, Age Concern New Zealand 

Born in Switzerland, Peter Oettli emigrated with his family when he was in his teens. After his University studies he followed an academic career for 39 years during which he advanced to the position of Professor, serving as Head of Department, Dean of Humanities and Pro Vice-Chancellor.

Peter is married, has three adult children and three delightful grandchildren.

Peter was elected to the Council of Age Concern Hamilton in 2005, serving as its Vice-President and then President for two terms. He is still a member of the Hamilton Council. After four years of service on the national Board of Age Concern New Zealand, two of them as Vice President, Peter was elected as its National President in April 2016.

Peter joined Age Concern originally because he was (and still is) convinced that all New Zealanders, no matter where they live, are entitled to the respect and dignity they deserve, and to the support they need. Another important aspect of Age Concern is that it combines the work and effort of dedicated professionals with that of equally dedicated volunteers.

Peter is excited about this year’s conference because it is a forum for the most up to date information on all aspects of ageing and affirms seniors in all walks of life. Its mix of cutting edge research and Kiwi ingenuity is relevant not only to members of Age Concern, but to a much wider public. Not all of us will suffer from one of the many conditions for which there are societies and support groups, but all of us will age. So the conference is for all of us and Peter looks forward to seeing you there.