Katrina Norman

Senior Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, CERT NZ

Katrina will talk about some of the cyber security issues that are affecting New Zealanders’ of all ages when making connections through digital channels along with some of the challenges that comes with. 

She will share some real life case studies from reports CERT NZ has received. She will also provide some easy to implement cyber security tips and resources that will help to keep yourself, your organisation, your members and clients safe and secure online particularly when using social media and mobile phones. 

She brings over 20 years’ experience working across the public and private sectors, with nearly a decade in government. Katrina is responsible for delivering CERT NZ’s national outreach programme. She has also previously worked in the health sector with a specific focus on older people, end of life care and people with serious injury. 

Katrina is excited about being a part of the Age Concerns Everyone conference to share some helpful insights and information to help all New Zealanders stay safe and secure online so everyone can participate and have confidence and trust in the digital world.