Richard Wagstaff 

President, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Richard Wagstaff was elected NZCTU President in 2015. Richard began working as a full time paid union official in 1988 as a researcher. Later, during the introduction of the Employment Contracts Act he became a full time union organiser working in the Auckland region with union members in the health and disability sectors. He eventually took up the position as a national secretary of the PSA in 2000 which he held until becoming CTU President in 2015. As national secretary Richard was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Union’s industrial and political strategies and operations for NZ largest trade union.

The CTU consistently speaks out about the need to create workplaces that are worker friendly and appropriate. We are especially concerned and connected to the issue of the Future of Work which forms an integral part of this programme. We are always keen to participate and contribute to new and emerging thinking on this subject.